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Each space is different, which is why I also work on specific projects, with different measurements, creative printing and framing alternatives, as well as special shipments.
There is no extra cost, they are just different quotes for special projects.

We work on your personal project!

Unique projects

Let's create the perfect project for that special space


The sizes I sell on my website are limited, for the general market, but can vary in much larger and smaller sizes, dividing a photo into two or three. Whatever you have in mind, we carry it out.


There are an infinite number of materials available to create the perfect works, check out what I have available and if you have an innovative idea we can develop it together.


If you are thinking about a special order and want to deliver it as something special, let me know. We can add a gift card with a nice message, personalized packaging, among others.


I want my art to reach the whole world, if you want me to send the works of art to your special place, we can make it possible. I have shipped in boxes and tubes! My photos have reached the strangest corners of the world.


The photograph is mounted on the back of the acrylic with 100% clear, acid-free adhesive.
A composite aluminum backing is then mounted to protect the image, give it additional rigidity and prevent warping over time. The photograph is fused to the acrylic, this gives it a sensation of unexpected depth. Ideal for decoration and art prints.
It has shine, so not all photos look good with this technique, but we can look for the perfect photograph for this technique.

Framed fabric

The image is printed on an exquisite, carefully selected cotton fabric. To ensure its longevity, it is provided with a protective layer that repels both harmful UV rays and anti-static. The photograph is subsequently mounted on a sturdy frame, which in turn is enhanced by the choice of a wooden frame, the color of which is completely customizable according to taste. This meticulous process not only eliminates reflections, but also adds a painterly nuance that transforms the work into a visual experience beyond the conventional.

Let's put this project together

If you prefer:

Send me an email to or write to me directly on Instagram at @anaisafrika