About Anais

Born in Chile, an outdoor lifestyle was instilled in them from the beginning. The allure of the mountains, the thrill of diving into the depths of the ocean or the serenity of camping under the open sky; These were the things I appreciated since I was little. As they grew up, their hearts found solace in exploring the most stunning places, a passion fueled by the enchanting landscapes of Chilean and Argentine Patagonia.

A mix of Chilean and Polish heritage gave her soul the essence of two worlds, with her mother a photographer and her father a goldsmith, Anais' eyes were opened to the world of art from a very young age. However, his true devotion lay in photography. The journey began during their high school days when they picked up a camera for the first time. However, it was in recent years that they fully immersed themselves in this art, collaborating on various expeditions, sharing their photography expertise and guiding others through the process.

His lens naturally turned to the intricate dance between flora and fauna, capturing the vibrant pulse of life on Earth. The majestic tapestry of nature's wonders, cradled by breathtaking views, these were the stories they sought to tell through their photographs. His purpose was to reveal the magnificence of the world's landscapes, bringing the most splendid spectacles of nature to all those who contemplated his work.

Always in search of new frontiers, fresh adventures, especially those framed by stunning panoramas, abundant photographic opportunities and the embrace of cold, revitalizing weather. Every click of his camera was an attempt to freeze a moment of raw beauty, encapsulating the very essence of the nature that had always been his true home.

Currently, Anais has dedicated her life completely to the task of guiding and photographing the most remote corners of the world. Its heart and lens are predominantly focused on the coldest areas of the planet, such as Antarctica and the Arctic. In these icy regions, you have found a unique connection with the nature around us, a bond that reveals the amazing harmony and cohesion that exists on our planet.

For Anais, these extreme places are not simply geographic expanses, but portals to a deeper understanding of the Earth. Amidst stunning landscapes and unforgiving climates, he has discovered a sense of purity that is almost hypnotizing. It is in these inhospitable conditions that nature is revealed in its purest and rawest form, where every element, from the ice that stretches to the horizon to the life that bravely clings on in the midst of adversity, combines into a symphony of beauty and resistance.